The 3 Biggest NFL Trade Deadline Winners and Losers

First off what a crazy past few days in the NFL. What an extremely active trade deadline and possibly the most active ever. With this many moves, there are plenty of winners and losers from the past few days. Instead of listing every team, we will look at the three biggest winners and losers a little more in depth.

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1.) San Francisco 49ers
The 49ers landed quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo for a second-round pick. The 49ers have yet to win a game this season and have been looking for a quarterback for the last few years. Getting your possible franchise quarterback for only a second round pick. Worst case scenario this is a tryout for Garoppolo to see if the 49ers need to invest in a quarterback early. Though he might not play at all this season according to Joe Fann.

2.) Seattle Seahawks
A big winner is the Seahawks because they are building the weakest part of their team around their most important player. Duane could easily be the best tackle Russell Wilson has ever had in his career. Now Wilson will have someone protecting his blind side and perhaps this means Wilson will have more time to throw? The Seahawks know Wilson is their franchise so protecting him is obviously important.

3.) Philadelphia Eagles
Maybe the most active team the last few days in terms of talking to other teams. The big move the Eagles made was signing running back Jay Ajayi four a fourth-round pick. Ajayi has the talent but it was hidden in Miami due to the horrible offense. The Eagles have the best record in the NFL and are ranked number in Chat Sports Power Rankings. Ajayi now gives this team more depth at a position where they lack talent and with Ajayi on the field, it will be harder for defenses to know exactly what play type the Eagles will go with.

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1.) Cleveland Browns
Shocker right? The Browns need a quarterback. Again shocker. The Browns had a chance to get Garoppolo and A.J. McCarren and failed. When I say failed, the Browns forgot to FInalize the Deal. Seriously how do you forget to finalize a deal? What a joke! Browns gonna Brown.

2.) Miami Dolphins
The Dolphins gave up their best offensive player for a fourth-round pick. Adam Gase himself said they are the worst offense in the league and now it's going to be even worse. Hard to picture an offense worse than the current Miami Dolphins. Even if they didn't want Ajayi anymore, I find it really hard to believe they couldn't get more than a fourth rounder for him.

3.) New England Patriots
The Patriots are in win-now mode and the fact that they didn't try and get anything for Garoppolo to help them win a Super Bowl this season blows my mind. Not only did they not get anything for him this season but only a second round pick? Weren't they asking for something like three first-rounders during the NFL draft? They basically just sold their back up quarterback for pennies on the dollar.

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