WATCH: Chat Sports' Brian Rauf Discusses The College Basketball Scandal & Report Of Adidas Influencing Top Recruit

The college basketball world was rocked this week by the FBI investigation in which 10 people associated with the sport were indicted on fraud and corruption charges, including four assistant coaches, financial advisers, managers, and shoe company representatives. However, the fallout from the investigation - which is still ongoing - is just beginning.

Our Brian Rauf has been on top of the story since it broke on Tuesday and reported Thursday that Adidas was trying to steer that nation's top 2018 recruit to Kansas.

The Cam Rogers Show talked with Brian this morning about his report on Adidas, Kansas and Zion Williamson and more.

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Brian also went on the SportsTalk Radio Network in South Carolina (fast forward to the 19:00 mark) and the Jeremy Werner Show on ESPN 93.5 in Champaign, Illinois to discuss his report and every surrounding the scandal.

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