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Toronto Maple Leafs: Is the Ilya Samsonov Contract a Cause For Concern?

The Toronto Maple Leafs have overhauled their goaltending this summer, but the contract dished out to Ilya Samsonov has cause for concern.

Quite simply, the Russian goalie is only inked for one season with the Toronto Maple Leafs and while Ilya Samsonov may prove a steal this season, long-term he isn’t tied down.

In fact, should he break out this season, the Maple Leafs will be left in a very tough spot in terms of renewing him at a decent price. After all, they’re only paying $1.8 million for this season.

Perhaps the only saving grace is that when his deal expires this summer, he will still only be a restricted free agent meaning the Maple Leafs retain some hold on his signing rights.