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The Toronto Maple Leafs Can Play It Safe or Get Creative

Every article I read about the Toronto Maple Leafs talks about their supposed cap trouble.

This is incorrect. The Toronto Maple Leafs do not have a cap problem.

They currently have $6.5 million in unused space.

Alex Kerfoot, Justin Holl combine to make $5.5 and will be very easy to trade and replace internally.

If the Leafs want to, they are starting with $12 million in cap space.

That isn’t a problem, that’s an advantage, considering they already have all their core pieces looked up.

The Sandin Problem and the Toronto Maple Leafs

We’ll know for sure in a week or two, but I believe that what we’re reading about Sandin (about how there is no place for him to play and the Leafs might not sign him) is because the insiders are taking what they hear and applying it to the Leafs logically as if they were a regular team.