What Are The Reasons for Tennis Fans to Join GamStop?

The origin of tennis can be traced back to the northern region of France, in the twelfth century, when the palms of the hands were used to strike the ball. The roots of the modern version of Lawn Tennis are found in Birmingham, England, in the nineteenth century. Tennis started attaining popularity in the 20th Century and is now one of the most popular sports in the world.

The most popular sport in the UK is undoubtedly soccer, however, Tennis has its own separate fan base in the UK and around the world. Hence, Tennis betting is a profitable source of income for Tennis bettors in the UK. With the advent of technology, sports betting has become more accessible and within the reach of Sports gambling enthusiasts. They can place bets just by logging on to gambling sites with a simple click. In order to deal with the ill effects of gambling, one software has been introduced in recent years. GamStop is a self-exclusion scheme for regulating the excessive gambling habits of the gamblers by allowing the gamblers to remove themselves, for a certain period of time, by registering themselves on the GamStop Portal. 

What Do Punters Need To Know Before Using GamStop?
GamStop was developed by The National Online Self Exclusion Scheme Limited (NOSES), in the UK and GamStop was introduced in the year 2018 and became fully functional in March 2020. GamStop is also operational in the countries of Wales, Scotland, and England, so there are many sports betting sites not on GamStop like NonGamStopSlots.com which decided not to cooperate with the program. On the other hand, UK licensed gambling operators are needed to tie up with GamStop by offering their customers an opportunity to self-exclude themselves, by selecting the period of self-exclusion, according to their will. This period can be of 6 months, 1 year, or 5 years. During this period, the punters will not be allowed access to their favorite betting sites, until the termination of the self-exclusion period. 

However, some compulsive punters find a way to bypass registering on GamStop and enjoy betting on Casino sites that are not on GamStop.  The punters can also place bets by playing in the brick and mortar casinos or offshore casinos. 

Tennis Betting Sites
Some of the famous tennis betting sites are BetUK, Unibet, 888sport, Betway, etc.

Features to look for in Tennis Betting sites

Live Betting: The option to place a bet while the match is on is known as in-play wagers. Punters should look for sites that provide live betting on tennis matches.

Good Coverage of Tennis matches: The punters will be able to get the opportunity to place bets in many different tournaments and matches if the tennis betting site can cover a wide market, as there will be more possibilities for winning money. 

Bonuses and Promotions: The sites usually offer their customers various bonuses and promotions after logging on to their sites.

Tennis Odds: Betting odds in competitive tennis will enhance the chances of winning, thereby attracting punters to place bets.

GamStop and Tennis Gamblers
Gambling is exciting and the thrill of winning in gambling provides an adrenaline rush amongst the gamblers. Gambling can be addictive if the gambling habits of the gamblers get problematic. Should be mentioned, that tennis is especially popular among GamStop players in the United Kingdom. The tennis gamblers can place bets on the players playing in the matches, or they can bet on the outcome of the matches. Wagering during live matches can also be done. 

The gamblers who spend most of their time gambling should consider registering on GamStop. By registering on the GamStop portal the gamblers can exclude themselves from the licensed online gambling sites. In this way, their gambling habits can be monitored and kept under check. Also, they can receive support from this gambling addiction support program, where their various needs like emotional, monetary, and practical are taken care of. 

Why should Tennis Fans Join GamStop?
Due to gambling regulatory policies adopted by the United Kingdom for protecting the gambler, many gambling operators operate in the UK. GamStop is the national self-exclusion scheme in gambling and it is a step toward responsible gambling.  

The tennis fans who feel that they’re getting addicted to gambling and that is hampering their personal lives should consider registering on GamStop. There are multiple benefits of joining the program and its popularity has only grown over years. Compulsive gamblers spend most of the day gambling, thereby overspending their money due to their gambling addictions and cannot get outside of the vicious cycle. GamStop is a support system for compulsive gamblers and a way to monitor their gambling habits can be regulated. This will have a positive impact on their social lives and will keep their financial lives safe and secure. 

Registering on the GamStop site is the sign of a responsible gambler. GamStop is like a shield, which protects vulnerable gamblers from the adverse effects of compulsive gambling.  Therefore, Tennis punters should consider registering themselves on GamStop, if they feel that their gambling habits are a bit out of the way.

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