Why Partnership With GamStop Is Profitable For Tennis Fans?

Tennis is one of the most popular competitive sports in the world. The history of tennis dates back to the twelfth century, in France, where it was known as jeu de paume, as the ball was moved from one court to another with the help of paume or palm of the hand. The modern form of Lawn Tennis originated much later in the UK in the 19th century. Tennis gambling seems to be a favorite mode of recreation for sports gambling enthusiasts. Gambling can be addictive, at times and the players can lose track of time and which might hamper their professional and personal lives immensely. 

Gambling blocking websites like GamStop can be effective in protecting the compulsive gamblers, by providing them financial security. The partnership of GamStop with tennis can aid in spreading awareness about the adverse effects of gambling-related problems.

GamStop: An introduction
GamStop is a gambling blocking software that offers customers self-exclusion programs for removing themselves from the gambling world for a fixed period of time. GamStop was developed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC), a non-profit organization, in the year 2018. The gamblers can self-exclude themselves by selecting a particular time period, also known as the Minimum Exclusion Period. This duration varies from 6 months to 5 years. During this period, the gambler is denied access to gambling sites except for non GamStop bookmakers as stated by the casinogap.org gambling portal. Therefore the player needs to choose the period carefully. Almost all the UK casinos are linked with GamStop. However, punters can find a way out of GamStop by playing on non-GamStop gambling sites or by playing using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Partnership with GamStop: What are the advantages?
GamStop is a step taken towards responsible gambling. According to a study by UKGC, more than revealed that 2% of the population of the UK is addicted to problematic gambling. Therefore there is a need to install gambling blocking software such as GamStop, GamBan, Betblocker, etc., to control the problematic punters. The partnership of tennis players with Gamstop could be a significant step in protecting compulsive gamblers and in spreading awareness about the ill effects of Gambling. Controlled Gambling just for entertainment purposes should be the motto of the gamblers, not overspending and losing money in uncontrolled gambling. This idea will resonate inside the minds of the people once the partnership will be successful.

Supporting and Protecting Compulsive Gamblers
The thrill and excitement of gambling can seem lucrative to potential compulsive punters. Once they taste winning, they crave more and give in to their urges to get involved in excessive gambling. Besides, the casino sites provide different types of bonuses to the punters, especially the new ones.

This leads to addiction when the player continues to play more to win more and more rewards. The gamblers spend most of their time gambling, thereby lessening their productivity. They overspend the money in the hope of winning bigger amounts and then they lose, resulting in bankruptcy. Gamblers get stuck in this cycle of debts once they are drawn into the dark world of compulsive gambling.

Gambling blocking sites like GamStop can be an important tool in blocking online gambling sites so that gamblers cannot access the sites to play. The incorporation of a self-exclusion period is of prime importance for protecting compulsive gamblers as it breaks the chain of repetitive gambling.

Awareness About Gambling
The general public should be made aware of the adverse effects of gambling. Usually, the teenagers and the youngsters get to know about gambling from their friends, who are themselves not much educated about the ill-effects of gambling. They put a step inside the world of gambling by gambling using cards or playing fruit slots. But it is important to make them aware of the loopholes of uncontrolled gambling and to educate them about responsible gambling. 

According to the 2018 European Tennis Report, there are about 3 million tennis fans in Great Britain only and there is an even larger tennis sports supporter base in the UK.

Now a partnership between GamStop and the tennis clubs can be productive in spreading awareness amongst these people, especially the youth. 

Eliminating the Adverse Impacts of Gambling
Uncontrolled gambling can affect the financial, social, and personal lives of a compulsive gambler.

The partnership of GamStop with the tennis players can be helpful in promoting the adverse impact of uncontrolled gambling and in controlling the excessive gambling amongst the punters so that the compulsive gambling can be kept under check.   

The partnership between the tennis players and Gamstop can be a weapon against compulsive gambling and in spreading awareness about problematic gambling habits. GamStop is like a shield, which protects the gamblers from the adverse effects of compulsive gambling and it can help in mitigating the ill-effects of gambling efficiently.

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