Woof: Kevin from Home Alone Reacts to the 8 Goofiest-Looking Athletes


Everyone remembers the classic scene from Home Alone when Kevin digs through his brother's stash, only to come across a picture of his girlfriend - "woof" is right.

If you weren't lucky enough to grow up in the 90's (which meant seeing Home Alone on TV at least 150 times), here's the original video:

Thanks to the magic of .GIFs (h/t woofmaker) we get to see what Kevin's reaction to the scariest faces in the sports world would look like...let's check it out:



Let's see Kevin's reaction to Anthony Davis:



Dick Vitale?



Greg Oden...



Peyton Manning's massive forehead:



Joakim Noah, because, come on:



Philip Rivers' derp face:



LeBron's...whatever this is:



And, of course, Chris Bosh:



... finally, the most terrifying of them all - Kevin reacts to seeing his future self:


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