What QB's Have Been In The Most Super Bowls?

The quarterback position is unlike any other in sports, victories, and Super Bowl titles dictate how successful they are. Quarterbacks are judged by Super Bowl rings more than any other position in professional sports. Appearing in multiple Super Bowls — and hopefully winning one — is the type of accomplishment that may earn you a trip to Canton, Ohio.

There are 20 NFL quarterbacks who have appeared in multiple Super Bowls. Below is a list of the quarterbacks with the most Super Bowl appearances.  

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Tom Brady, Patriots
Appearances: 8
Record: 5-2 (Playing in Super Bowl LII)
There stands one man above the rest in Super Bowl appearances and his name is Tom Brady. The New England Patriots are back in the Super Bowl for the 10th time in franchise history thanks to Brady. He is a four-time Super Bowl MVP and the only time he didn't win the award was in 2005 when wide receiver Deion Branch won it. Brady is appearing in his eighth Super Bowl this year against the Philadelphia Eagles and with a win, he would have two more rings than any other quarterback.

John Elway, Broncos
Appearances: 5
Record: 2-3
Elway appeared in the second most Super Bowls with five, but his numbers in the big game are far from impressive. Elway's Super Bowl statistics are 225.6 ypg with three TDs, and eight interceptions passing and 86 rushing yards and four TDs on the ground. Despite losing his first three Super Bowls, Elway won his last two and retired after his final victory in Super Bowl XXXIII.

Terry Bradshaw, Steelers
Appearances: 4
Record: 4-0
Bradshaw led the Pittsburgh Steelers to four Super Bowls from 1974-79, creating the Steel Curtain dynasty in the 70's. He had 932 passing yards, nine TDs, and four interceptions in his four appearances. Bradshaw has two Super Bowl MVP's, which came in Super Bowl XIII and XIV.

Joe Montana, 49ers
Appearances: 4
Record: 4-0
Joe Montana joins Bradshaw as the only quarterbacks on the list who have appeared in four or more Super Bowls that haven't lost. In his four appearances, he has three Super Bowl MVP's (XVI, XIX, XXIV) and an incredible 11 TDs to zero interceptions. He led the San Francisco 49ers to four Super Bowls from 1981-89, creating a golden era for the 49ers in the 80's.

Roger Staubach, Cowboys
Appearances: 4
Record: 2-2
Roger Staubach led the Dallas Cowboys to four Super Bowls from 1971-78, winning two of them (VI and XII). He has one Super Bowl MVP which came in Super Bowl VI — his first — throwing for 119 yards and two TDs. His statistics in the Super Bowl are impressive throwing for 734 yards, eight TDs, and four interceptions, all four of his interceptions did, however, come in his two losses.

Peyton Manning, Colts and Broncos
Appearances: 4
Record: 2-2
The only name on the list to lead multiple teams to two Super Bowls is quarterback Peyton Manning. He led the Indianapolis Colts to Super Bowl XLI and XLIV, then led the Broncos to Super Bowl XLVII and 50. Manning won Super Bowl XLI with the Colts and 50 with the Broncos. His one Super Bowl MVP came in Super Bowl XLI, when the Colts beat the Bears 29-17 and Manning was 25/38 for 247 yards and 1 TD passing. Manning has unbelievable statistics in the regular season but has struggled in the Super Bowl, throwing for 1,001 yards, three TDs and five interceptions in four games.

Jim Kelly, Bills
Appearances: 4
Record: 0-4
Jim Kelly is the only name on this list with four or more appearances without a Super Bowl win. Kelly led the Buffalo Bills to four straight Super Bowls from 1990-93, falling short in all of them. In his four Super Bowls, he threw for a touchdown in only one game (XXVI). Despite 4 losses and struggling statistically (829 yards, 2 TD, 7 INT),  reaching the Super Bowl 4 times is quiet an accomplishment and Kelly was inducted in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2002.

After the lucky seven above, there are six quarterbacks who have been too three Super Bowls -Troy Aikman (3-0), Bob Griese (2-1), Ben Roethlisberger (2-1), Kurt Warner (1-2), and Fran Tarkenton (0-3).

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