Ranking The 5 NFL Head Coaches Most Likely To Be Fired This Season

The New York Giants made Ben McAdoo the first NFL coach to get fired this season earlier this week, and several coaches already know they could be next. A big win or successful stretch can take one of these coaches off this list, while a number of other coaches would find their way on here if they slide and miss the playoffs. Here are the five coaches with the least amount of job security right now:

5) Dirk Koetter, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Dirk Koetter experiment has been a disaster. The Bucs were nearly a playoff team last year, but they look totally outcoached this year. There's talent, but the Bucs coaching staff has not done a good job and players have complained already. Sitting at 4-8, Tampa needs to to go at least .500 the rest of the way for Koetter to have a realistic shot at saving his job.

4) Hue Jackson, Cleveland Browns

We knew the Browns were going to struggle this year. However, they've already let many opportunities for wins slide through their fingers and haven't shown much progress in Year 2 under Jackson. Cleveland does have the worst roster in the league and the front office has maintained their commitment to this long-term rebuild. However, we also know that they haven't had a head coach last more than two years since 2008 - when Romeo Crennell was there from 2005-2008. If Cleveland goes winless, Jackson may be gone.

3) Marvin Lewis, Cincinnati Bengals

This has to be the year, right? There's seemingly no way Lewis can escape Cincinnati's struggles this year - but he has managed to do so each of the last three years. But, surely, at a certain point, Lewis won't be so lucky. This team hasn't changed and isn't showing anything resembling promise - and continue to be one of the most undisciplined teams in the league. With his contract running out after the season, he won't be back.

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2) John Fox, Chicago Bears

Last season's 3-13 record last season put Fox firmly on the hot seat, and he's still on that hot seat due to Chicago's massive struggles this year. Rookie quarterback Mitchell Trubisky has looked terrible since he took the field, and that's a gamble that could cost Fox his job. It doesn't feel like any part of this team has a bright future, which Fox can be blamed for. Remember, they were 8-8 the season before he took over, and they're 12-32 since. Ouch.

1) Chuck Pagano, Indianapolis Colts

Pagano has been known as a "lame duck" coach after owner Jim Irsay reportedly chased Jon Gruden this past offseason, and the Colts were already plotting to replace Pagano. Unless Indianapolis somehow finds a way to make the playoffs in a lackluster AFC South - which will take a miracle at this point - Pagano will be gone. Don't be surprised if he's fired before the end of the season.

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