NFL Power Rankings Week 4 - Kansas City Chiefs, Atlanta Falcons, and New England Patriots Top Three

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16. Los Angeles Rams (2-1)
Last Week: 19
The Rams are in the top half of this list. I am just as surprised as you. The Rams currently have scored more points than any other team in the NFL

15.) Seattle Seahawks (1-2)
Last Week: 9
The Seahawks offense looks lost and the defense gave up 33 to the Titans. The Seahawks need to figure it out soon.

14.) Jacksonville Jaguars (2-1)
Last Week: 22
The Jaguars in their second home were Bloody awesome against the Ravens. Winning 44-7 and now London thinks the Jaguars are the 2007 Patriots after that performance.

13.) Washington Redskins (1-1)
Last Week: 17
Finally, we saw the Redskins have a pulse offensively and their defense showed up as well. Beating the Raiders the way they did was impressive.

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12.) Minnesota Vikings (2-1)
Last Week: 16
The Vikings at home are legit and if they can score the way they did against the Bucs combined with that defense this team will be tough to beat.

11.) Philadelphia Eagles (2-1)
Last Week: 14
Divison games are always closer and even when the Eagles fell behind late in the game they still found a way to win and that's what good teams do.

10.) Detroit Lions (2-1)
Last Week: 11
The Lions lost by an inch. Literally an inch. Every inch counts I guess. (Phrasing)

9.) Tennessee Titans (2-1)
Last Week: 12
The Titans putting up 33 against the Seahawks is impressive. They may have the best-run blocking line in the league.

8.) Dallas Cowboys (2-1)
Last Week: 10
The Cowboys started slowly on Monday Night but after some second-half adjustments they went back to running the ball effectively and playing winning football

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7.) Oakland Raiders (2-1)
Last Week: 4
The Raiders drop after a bad performance against the Redskins. Maybe they weren't ready for a real NFL team after playing the Jets the week before.

6.) Pittsburgh Steelers (2-1)
Last Week: 6
The Steelers on the road are much different than the Steelers at home. Maybe the Steelers just can't win in Chicago.

5.) Denver Broncos (2-1)
Last Week:5
The fact that the Broncos struggled the way they did against the Bills is surprising considering how good they looked the week before against the Cowboys. 

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4.) Green Bay Packers (2-1)
Last Week: 7
Even though the Packers won it wasn't pretty. Winning at home against a winless Bengals team is nothing to brag about.

3.) New England Patriots (2-1)
Last Week: 3
The Patriots should have lost and should be 1-2. But they didn't because of Tom Brady. God that guy is good.

2.) Atlanta Falcons (3-0)
Last Week: 1
The Falcons won by an inch. Good teams find a way to win and I think the Lions are underrated so dropping them might not be fair but they haven't played as well as the Chiefs

1.) Kansas City Chiefs (3-0)
Last Week: 2
Finally at number one. They have looked like the best team in the NFL through three weeks and finally, they are getting the respect they deserve.

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