NFL Power Rankings: Week 2 List

The Chat Sports Staff has put together a consensus Power Ranking of all 32 teams. With NFL week 1 now a thing of the past we need to sit back and dive into all the game action. It is important to not overreact to one game and trust the process of our offseason work. With that being said we need to trust our eyes and what actually happened on Sunday

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32. Indianapolis Colts (0-1)
Last Week: 29
The Colts without Andrew Luck at quarterback are the worst team in the NFL. They lost 46-9 to the Rams. Their defense is horrible and their offense isn't any better. Think about this. The Rams scored only six touchdowns at home last season. The Rams Week 1 against the Colts scored six touchdowns.

31. New York Jets (0-1)
Last Week: 32
The Jets lost 12-21 to the Bills and many of the worries we suspected all offseason plagued the Jets Week 1. Poor quarterback play combined with no offense. Their defense is a little bit below average but they are the hardest team in the NFL to watch on offense.

30. San Fransisco 49ers (0-1)
Last Week: 31
The new Shannahan offense looks a little different with the 49ers than the Falcons. Hard to believe there.

29. Buffalo Bills (1-0)
Last Week: 28
Congrats Bills you beat the Jets by eight points. This team should be named the Buffalo McCoys because he is their entire team at the moment. Can't move them up any higher until I see them beat a team that isn't part of the NFL fundamental league.

28. Chicago Bears (0-1)
Last Week: 25
I know the Bears had a chance to win at the end of the game against the Falcons but they failed. Good teams don't lose in those types of situations. Tarik Cohen looks like the best running back for the Bears offense. If he is in the game instead of Jordan Howard at the end. They probably win because only Howard would have dropped the ball on the goal line. 

27. Cleveland Browns (0-1)
Last Week: 30
When was the last time the Browns weren't in the bottom five of a Power Ranking article? The Browns looked like a team that is on the rise only losing the Steelers by three.  

26. Cincinnati Bengals (0-1)
Last Week: 23
The Bengals offensive line looked horrible. Andy Dalton against division teams plays horribly. Don't know if I have ever written the word horrible in three consecutive sentences before. As you can tell I am frustrated with the Bengals.

25. Miami Dolphins: (0-0)
Last Week: 21
No game due to Hurricane Irma. Their offense should be good but their defense worries me, Plus this has been an injury riddled team now playing 16 games in a row will not be easy.

24. Arizona Cardinals: (0-1)
Last Week: 14
David Johnson is out for several weeks it is looking and Carson Palmer's arm looks shot. The defense didn't show up against the Lions and this is looking like a rough season for the Cardinals.

23. Los Angeles Rams (1-0)
Last Week: 26
Glass half full the Rams won 46-9. Glass half empty they beat the Colts 46-9.

22. Houston Texans (0-1)
Last Week: 18
The Texans offense was bad. Like really bad. Then Deshaun Watson entered the game and the offense started clicking. The Texans defense I thought looked good but got tired quickly because the offense couldn't extend any drives. If Watson is healthy this team will be ok going forward.

21. New Orleans Saints (0-1)
Last Week: 22
The Saints offense struggled on the road against a good Vikings defense which I expected. If the Saints don't score more than 28 points they will not win many games this season with their poor defense. Saints are home against the Patriots which should be a fun game to watch.

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