NFL Power Rankings 10-1: Week 2 List

Continuing from our NFL Power Rankings 20-11 List.

10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-0)
Last Week: 11
The Buccaneers game was canceled due to Hurricane Irma. They will have to play 16 games in a row which won't be easy but if this team can stay healthy I think they are a top 10 team.

9. Denver Broncos (1-0)
Last Week: 13
A nice win for the Broncos on Monday Night Football. Even though they won by only three points they were in total control of this game. Their defense looked like a top five defense and will carry this team again. The running game for the Broncos looked good with CJ Anderson but Trevor Sieman didn't impress me. 

8. Atlanta Falcons (1-0)
Last Week: 5
The Falcons got the win but honestly, they probably should have lost the game. The Bears looked better on defense than I expected and I think it even caught the Falcons off guard. I have been preaching all offseason a regression for the Falcons offense and you saw it Sunday against the Bears.

7. Seattle Seahawks (0-1)
Last Week: 2
Going into Green Bay isn't an easy task. But the Seahawks offense looked lost and their offensive line may be the worst line in all of the NFL. That defense though is for real and I still believe they have the best defense in football which gave Rodgers some issues early on.

6. Oakland Raiders (1-0)
Last Week: 6
Not an easy matchup for the Raiders going into Tennessee against a Titans team on the up. The Raiders offense was good but their defense was surprisingly good after a rough preseason. If their defense can just be average this will be a difficult team to beat.

5. Dallas Cowboys (1-0)
Last Week: 7
Scoring 19 points isn't great but doing it against a Giants defense who is no joke shouldn't be overlooked. The defense played much better than expected but that could be due to the fact that the Giants were without Odell Beckham Jr. The Cowboys have a very difficult schedule but if they continue to win then they will continue to be in my top five.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers (1-0)
Last Week: 4
Beating the Browns by three points isn't special but the Steelers never play well on the road. The defense is much improved from a season ago and if this offense can get clicking look out because they might have the best offensive in the NFL. 

3.New England Patriots (0-1)
Last Week: 1
To say I was shocked the Patriots lost at home to the Chiefs is an understatement. The Patriots offense missed Julian Edelman and their defense was flat out bad. Missing assignments and missing tackles. I think this was a major wake up call for the Patriots and I expect them to take their anger out on the Saints.

2. Kansas City Chiefs (1-0)
Last Week: 8
You have to give credit when it's due and the Chiefs earned it. They put up 42 points against the Patriots in Foxborough which isn't easy. They closed out the game on a 28-3 run (this makes me giggle) and this team dominated the Patriots. Still not good enough for our top spot though.

1. Green Bay Packers (1-0)
Last Week: 3 
As long as Aaron Rodger is leading this team they will not be beaten at home. The Packers offense wasn't as great as we are used to but against the best defense in football it is understandable. The Packers defense looked much improved not allowing a single touchdown for the Seahawks offense. The main reason for this ranking is simple - Aaron Rodgers is the best player in the NFL. if you disagree with me my twitter handle is below.

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