Here Are The Latest Vegas Odds On Which Team Is Favored To Win The Super Bowl

The first four weeks of the NFL season have provided plenty of upsets and surprises, and as such, certain teams have emerged as contenders (looking at you, Chiefs) while other teams that were thought be contenders have vastly underachieved. 

The oddsmakers in Vegas have taken notice and Pregame's RJ Bell released an updated list of Super Bowl favorites:

Despite their 2-2 start, the Patriots remain the favorite in Vegas - though their odds have dropped from the opening 11/5. The Cowboys have also seen their odds drop in a big way, falling from 5/1 all the way to 20/1 after their 2-2 start.

On the flip side, Kansas City, Detroit, and Los Angeles have been the biggest risers so far. The Broncos have also risen to the top seven after being in the middle of the pack in the preseason.

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