5 NFL Teams That Could Sign WR Dez Bryant

Former Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant remains a free agent, amid conflicting reports about the level of interest NFL teams have in Bryant. Despite Bryant not being the player he once was, an NFL team should sign Bryant before the season. So what NFL team will end up signing Dez Bryant?

NFL Daily hosts Tom Downey and Cam Rogers take a look at the five most likely landing spots for Dez Bryant, plus five other possible destinations of varying likelihood. Cap space shouldn’t be much of an issue at this point in the NFL offseason, but the team’s wide receiver depth chart and if they’re a potential playoff threat is a factor for both potential parties.

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Here are the top 5 teams that could sign for Dez Bryant:
#5: Indianapolis Colts
#4: Green Bay Packers
#3: San Francisco 49ers
#2: New York Giants
#1: Buffalo Bills

These teams just missed the cut:
Baltimore Ravens
New Orleans Saints
Arizona Cardinals
New England Patriots
Dallas Cowboys

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