2018 NFL Season Preview: Top 5 Teams Most Likely To Win Super Bowl LIII

With sports betting becoming legal in the United States, Vegas has weighed in with its latest Super Bowl LIII odds. Host Cam Rogers gets you ready with the top 5 Super Bowl LIII favorites on The Cam Rogers Show.

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Here are the top 5 favorites:
#1: New England Patriots (5-1)
#2: Pittsburgh Steelers (8-1)
#3: Philadelphia Eagles (8-1)
#4: Los Angeles Rams (10-1)
#5: Minnesota Vikings (12-1)

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Honorable Mentions:
- Green Bay Packers (12-1)
- San Francisco 49ers (16-1)
- Houston Texans (18-1)
- Kansas City Chiefs (18-1)
- Jacksonville Jaguars (18-1)

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