The 5 NFL Offensive Breakout Players For The 2018 Season

The NFL offseason workouts continue into the month of June, with several players primed for major seasons in 2018 - including Jerick McKinnon, Derek Carr and Kirk Cousins. Will Jerick McKinnon emerge as one of the best running backs in the league with the 49ers? Will Derek Carr get back to his 2016 MVP status with Jon Gruden? Is Sammy Watkins going to finally live up to his draft capital? Will Kirk Cousins lead the Vikings and earn his $84 million this season? David Johnson missed 2017 with a wrist injury, could he total 2,000 total yards again in 2018?

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Host Cam Rogers reveals his 5 breakout players on the offensive side for the 2018 NFL season on The Cam Rogers Show!

The video above (and shown below) is from The Cam Rogers Show, a Facebook Live show. All of these videos can be found on The Cam Rogers Show on Youtube.

Here are Cam's 5 offensive NFL breakout players:
- RB Jerick McKinnon
- QB Derek Carr
- WR Sammy Watkins
- QB Kirk Cousins
- RB David Johnson

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