NFL Rumors: Why Malcolm Butler Was Benched In Super Bowl LII

UPDATE 2:21 pm ET:
Patriots CB Brandon Browner has chimed in about the Malcolm Butler benching, Browner implies that Butler was caught with weed.

"He not the first to get caught with weed,, curfew also meant we are not allowed to have guest especially women. I’ve ate chicken(Popeyes) in the room with a player and his wife after curfew. Bill seen that look in Toms eyes last night and thought we can win without our role players." said Browner on Instagram.

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Possibly the biggest story from the New England Patriots 41-33 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LII is why didn't Patriots cornerback Malcolm Butler play? 

There have been plenty of rumors circulating as to why Butler was benched after starting all year for the Patriots. Bill Belichick's non-answers haven't helped quite the noise either. This is very much an unverified rumor, but here's what Joey Cartolano, a PFF fantasy writer, claims is the reason for Butler's discipline.

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"A family friend who I trust, is well connected in law enforcement and was in Minny this week with local cops told me Butler missed curfew, got caught with weed when he came back late to hotel, and subsequently had a meltdown on coaches," Cartolano wrote on Twitter. 

After the tweet, Cartolano changed his twitter bio to PFF fantasy writer to "on hiatus fantasy football writer." Cartolano's follow up tweet is him stating "he is not a reporter."

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Butler played in 97.8 percent of snaps for the Patriots in the regular season and only played a little bit on special teams, but not a single down on defense in Super Bowl LII. After the game, Butler expressed his frustration, "they gave up on me," Butler said after the game. "F---. It is what it is."

This is a developing story so refresh for updates.

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