2019 NFL Preview: Are Pats and Chiefs are Top Dogs in the AFC

The month of June is here. That means we are already deep into NFL camps and teams are gearing up for preseason play.

Let’s dive a little bit deeper into a few of the teams that top the odds-boards at trusted online sports betting sites and evaluate their true potential.

The New England Patriots +700 to Win Super Bowl LIV
We have seen a definite shift in the dynasty that is the New England Patriots. They showed us last season that they are no longer an invincible juggernaut, yet they still marched their way to a Super Bowl victory through well-oiled, fundamental football.

Tom Brady is in excellent shape for a 40-something. That said, he is still a 40-something in the NFL and isn’t quite the athlete he once was. But what he lacks in arm strength and passing accuracy has been made up for by his decision making skills and pro football wisdom. At this point, there isn’t much a QB with 19 seasons and 14 Pro Bowls under his belt hasn’t seen.

You should expect the Patriots run game and short-pass game to take center stage in 2019. The Pats were the best in the league last year at keeping their offense on the field, controlling the clock. Look for that to be the strategy once more. In fact, we may even see New England with a Top-5 rushing offense this season.

This especially made true by the Pats’ strength of schedule. For non-Patriots fans –and non-Rams fans as well– it is easy for people to put their heads down and pout while muttering the words, ‘no fair’ under their breath. The two Super Bowl teams have what look to be a pair of the easiest schedules in The League.

So knowing that the Patriots have an easy ride, with guys like Tom, Bill, Josh at the helm, their chances of attending another AFC Championship game are pretty good. They at least have a pretty clear path to a decent seed in the playoffs.

The Kansas City Chiefs +700 to Win Super Bowl LIV
If there is any team with something to say about the Patriots making it to yet another Super Bowl, it is the Chiefs. This team is still young and packed with talent. And some say their explosively potent offense from last season may be even better this year because the younger players have more experience under their belts.

That said, Kansas City lost quite a bit of veteran leadership this offseason. So it will be interesting to see if they are as cohesive in 2019 as they were in 2018. Will we see an on-field power vacuum? They say there is more talent this year than last, but talent doesn’t breed leadership. On that note, I’m not sure there is actually more talent. Kareem Hunt is gone, and he was ⅓ of the explosive talent on this team.

Now Tyreek Hill is under the microscope. And after ‘doing the right thing’ and letting Hunt go, only to have him immediately scooped up by the Browns, we have to think that even with a weighty decision by the NFL, the Chiefs will hang on to Hill. Regardless of the Chiefs organization’s decision of what to do with Hill, there is the very real prospect of a lengthy suspension. Then the Chiefs would be sans ⅔ of their dynamic trio that scored so many points in 2018.

Considering these things, I believe the price on the Chiefs to win it all is way too high. They are not going to be as explosive as last season, and there may be some inner turmoil as well while dealing with these changes.

The Chiefs will still be a great team, but they are likely to stumble at a couple of critical junctures this season.

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