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Third Shift open thread 7/22

Arrowhead Pride 3 hours

Justin Houston Should Still Be Kansas City Chiefs Priority

Arrowhead Addict 5 hours

The Jamaal Charles contract situation: everything we know

Arrowhead Pride 5 hours

KC should be careful with Charles contract

ESPN.com 6 hours

Will the Kansas City Chiefs carry four quarterbacks in 2014?

Arrowhead Pride 9 hours

Kansas City Chiefs draft pick getting some time at guard, too

Arrowhead Pride 10 hours

7/22 Camp Recap: Fisher takes the field

Official Site of the Chiefs 10 hours

Eric Fisher assumes new post for first time

ESPN.com 10 hours

Chiefs' Frankie Hammond explains the value of the practice squad

Arrowhead Pride 11 hours

Chiefs’ Training Camp Battles To Watch

Arrowhead Addict 12 hours

Eric Fisher practices in pre-camp camp

ESPN.com 12 hours

Chiefs training camp 2014: Eric Fisher returns to the field

Arrowhead Pride 14 hours


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