Predicting Tonight’s Top 10 College Football Playoff Rankings

The College Football Playoff Selection Committee is set to release their second rankings of the season on Tuesday night, and there is sure to be some controversy. The top three teams have clearly separated themselves, yet the rest of the pack is still muddled - specifically the race for the fourth and final playoff spot.

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Here's who we predict the top 10 of tonight's rankings will look:

10) Texas A&M Aggies
It's clear the committee loves the Aggies based on the No. 4 ranking last week, and a loss to Mississippi State should send them far down the standings. However, with a lack of other two-loss teams with quality resumes, they will stay in the top 10.

9) Penn State Nittany Lions
One of last week's headlines was Penn State somehow being ranked No. 12. Now, after losses by Texas A&M, Florida and Nebraska, the path is clear for them to jump to No. 9.

8) Auburn Tigers
Auburn's narrow win over Vanderbilt won't do them any favors with the committee, but they're still alive. They didn't do anything to prove they're better than Wisconsin, who was the top-ranked two-loss team last week, so they should fall in at No. 8.

7) Wisconsin Badgers
Wisconsin took care of business against Northwestern, beating them 21-7, but it wasn't the kind of impressive win they needed to compete with the one-loss teams ahead of them.

6) Louisville Cardinals
Right now, all Louisville can do is keep winning and hope the teams in front of them start losing. They'll move up one spot because of that Texas A&M loss, but no matter how good Lamar Jackson looked against Boston College, it's not a big boost to their resume.

5) Washington Huskies
This is where there is going to be some controversy for the second straight week. Personally, I think the undefeated Huskies deserve to be in the top four. However, the committee had them at five last week, and even though they dominated Cal on the road, the Golden Bears have a losing record - and the committee has shown they don't give points for those kind of wins.

4) Ohio State Buckeyes
You know what the committee does care about? Beating teams who are also in their rankings - and the Buckeyes got a BIG one on Saturday, blowing out No. 10 Nebraska with a 62-3 victory. With Penn State rising in their rankings, too, I don't think they'll take too much away from Ohio State for that loss. 

3) Michigan Wolverines
Still undefeated, another dominant win with a 59-3 win over Maryland. The Wolverines will be in the top three until they lose, and could challenge for No. 2.

2) Clemson Tigers
Clemson was second last week, and didn't do anything to diminish themselves, beating Syracuse 54-0. Still, both them and Michigan are clearly behind Alabama.

1) Alabama Crimson Tide
Committee chairman Kirby Hocutt said last week that Alabama was their consensus No. 1 team, and beating LSU in Death Valley only adds another impressive win to their resume.

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