2015 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship Odds, According To Vegas

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With the 2014 NBA Draft stripping a bunch of star power away from the collegiate ranks, the landscape of college basketball is bound to change dramatically next season.

Popular betting site Bovada has taken that into account, picking the always-reloading Kentucky Wildcats as a clear favorite to win the 2015 NCAA Championship. 2014's Cinderella national champion UConn Huskies will be underdogs once again according to Vegas, with perennial powerhouses such as Duke and Arizona getting more respect from the wise guys in the desert.

Without further ado, here are all of your favorite teams' odds as of May 21st, 2014:

Kentucky     5/1

Duke     10/1

Wisconsin     12/1

Kansas     14/1

Arizona     16/1

Florida     16/1

North Carolina     16/1

Louisville     25/1

Michigan State     25/1

Villanova     28/1

Wichita State     28/1

Iowa State     33/1

Michigan     33/1

SMU     33/1

Syracuse     33/1

Texas     33/1

Virginia     33/1

Gonzaga     40/1

Oklahoma     40/1

VCU     40/1

Ohio State     50/1

Oregon     50/1

UCLA     50/1

UConn     50/1

Iowa     66/1

Miami FL     66/1

Florida State     100/1

Georgetown     100/1

Missouri     100/1

Pittsburgh     100/1

Tennessee     100/1

Notre Dame     150/1

Penn State     300/1

Texas Tech     500/1



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