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Cop once drew gun on squirrel-hunting QB Winston

Charlotte Observer 4 hours

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Grant Hill gives back $1.25 million to Duke

Big Duke Balls 6 hours

NC State basketball recruiting: Ingram tops wish list

Charlotte Observer 8 hours

Charlotte 49ers football: Observations from Wednesday

Charlotte Observer 9 hours

NC State releases nonconference basketball schedule

Charlotte Observer 10 hours

Grant Hill Gives $1.25 Million to Support Athletics

Official Site of the Blue Devils 14 hours

NBA great Grant Hill donates $1.25 million to alma mater Duke

NewsObserver.com 14 hours

Grant Hill gives $1.25 million to Duke

NewsObserver.com 14 hours

Triangle football coaches show off their six-packs

Charlotte Observer Jul 29

A Few Links From Around the Web Today

DukeBlog Jul 29


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