NBA Rumors: Lakers Trade For Trevor Ariza, Steph Curry Questions Moon Landing, And Bulls Against Coach

We break down the top NBA rumors and news from across the association. We go over the Lakers trying to trade for Trevor Ariza and trying to get a 3rd team involved. We cover Anthony Davis being unlikely to be dealt this season until the Pelicans offer him the supermax. Later, we discuss the crazy situation with the Chicago Bulls about them holding a mutiny against their coach before it was narrowly defused. Finally, we cover Steph Curry thinking the moon landing was fake and the Nuggets signing Nick Young.

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Our full list of NBA rumors is below:
- Ariza to the Lakers?
- No chance Davis is traded?
- Bulls mutiny against coach?
- Cousins to start practicing?
- Caris LeVert close to returning?
- Embiid frustrated with his role?
- Steph Curry...conspiracy theorist?
- Nuggets sign Nick Young

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