The NBA's Top 10 Most Disappointing Players So Far In the 2018-19 Season

The NBA 2018-19 season is a quarter completed, and with plenty of surprises already, we take a look at the players that have been the most disappointing so far. The biggest disappointment is arguably the Boston Celtics, which have struggled to a 12-10 start.

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Our full list of disappointing players is:
Jaylen Brown (SG, Celtics)
Gordon Hayward (SF, Celtics)
Brandon Ingram (SF, Lakers)
Aaron Gordon (PF, Magic)
Donovan Mitchell (SG, Jazz)
John Wall (PG, Wizards)
Andrew Wiggins (SF, T-Wolves)
Josh Jackson (SF, Suns)
Myles Turner (C, Pacers)
Markelle Fultz (PG, 76ers)

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