NBA Rumors: Klay Thompson To Celtics Rumor Is Back (Again), Carmelo Anthony Trade Talks And Manu Ginobili

The NBA offseason craziness continued Tuesday night thanks to a blockbuster trade that sent Kyrie Irving to the Boston Celtics and both Isaiah Thomas and Jae Crowder to the Cleveland Cavaliers. The fallout from that trade has subsided, as the focus now turns back to if Carmelo Anthony will be traded. There's also the return of the Klay Thompson to the Celtics trade rumor that just won't die. Here are the latest NBA rumors you need to know:

The Celtics And Klay Thompson Trade Rumor Is Back
The "Celtics trying to trade for Klay Thomspon" rumor is one that will apparently never die. Brian Scalabrine fell for the sports version of fake news back in November and it's back again thanks to a Celtics-focused Twitter account. 

It didn't take long for that to get shut down. The Warriors told CSN Bay Area they weren't shopping Klay. The Cavs had tried to trade Kyrie Irving for Klay Thompson, but the Warriors shit down that offer. For now, it's safe to assume that any and all Klay Thompson rumors are inaccurate. the Warriors have no interest in trading a player who is perfect fit. 

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Where The Rockets-Knicks Trade Talks Stand
With Irving gone, Carmelo Anthony becomes the top name still on the trade block. However, trade talks between the Knicks and Rockets have stalled. 

"Carmelo Anthony right now, those talks have been fairly dormant between Houston and New York," ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski said. "They've tried to find third, fourth teams to help facilitate a deal with Carmelo Anthony. They haven't been able to do that and both sides are prepared for the fact that Melo might have to go to camp with the Knicks."

A team needs to take on the contract of Ryan Anderson to make a deal happen, something no one has been willing to do. Until that happens, the Rockets will be unable to trade for Carmelo. 

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Manu Re-Signs With Spurs
You're forgiven if you forgot that Manu Ginobili hadn't re-signed with the Spurs yet. After all, he's a Spurs-lifer. But, Ginobili did sign a cheap contract with the Spurs Thursday. 

It's a fully guaranteed deal for 40-year-old guard. Despite his age, Ginobili still put up 7.5 points and 2.7 rebounds in just under 19 minutes per game. 

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