NBA News & Rumors: LeBron James Top Destinations, Mark Cuban Assault Accusation, And Kawhi Leonard's Future

Catch the latest NBA rumors, including details about the possibility of LeBron James heading to the NFL or Los Angeles Lakers, Kawhi Leonard’s relationship with the Spurs, Mark Cuban’s sexual assault allegations, Derrick Rose back to the Timberwolves and more. Hosts Harris Rubenstein and Tom Downey break down all of the latest news and rumors on NBA Weekly.

Harris and Tom also discuss Allen Iverson appearing drunk at a 76ers game, Kevin Love’s status as a mental health role model in the NBA, the possibility of the NBA getting involved with high schools, and how Becky Hammon could become the first female head coach for a men’s basketball team.

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Join the NBA Weekly crew as they break down the top NBA news and rumors in the video above and below!

Here’s a look at the full list of NBA rumors:
- Derrick Rose signs with Timberwolves
- AI drunk at the 76ers game?
- Spurs and Kawhi are cool?
- Mark Cuban accused of sexual assault?
- Kevin Love a role model?
- LeBron heading to the NFL?
- NBA getting involved in high schools?
- LeBron heading to LA?
- Becky Hammon becoming a head coach?

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