NBA BOOM: Best NBA Plays Of The Week Featuring LeBron James, Donovan Mitchell, And Dwyane Wade

Check out some of the top NBA plays of the week in this week’s Boom!

Among the top plays and highlights are LeBron James’ dunk, Dwyane Wade’s block of LeBron, Donovan Mitchell breaking ankles and Jaylen Brown’s game-winning shot.

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Our full list of NBA top plays of the week, as shown on NBA Weekly, are listed below:

Boban putting those big hands to work
DeAndre Jordan alley-oop
LeBron’s Dunk
Donovan Mitchell taking names...and ankles
Dario Saric getting down and dirty
Jaylen Brown wins it
Dennis Smith Jr. Dunk
Dwyane Wade rejects LeBron James
Delon Wright’s buzzer beater

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