After Conflicting Reports, Gordon Hayward Announces He's Signing With Boston Celtics


After all that confusion, it turns out the first report was right: Gordon Hayward is heading to the Boston Celtics. Hayward confirmed his decision in a piece on the Players' Tribune, though he says the original report still jumped the gun. Either way, Hayward is heading to Boston.

Original story below: 

Gordon Hayward's free agency has turned into a circus. There are multiple conflicting reports about whether or not Hayward had decided to sign with the Boston Celtics. Now, it's unclear what Hayward will decided and when Hayward will sign. Here's everything you need to know on Hayward's free agency, including when he could decide. 

The Hayward free agency chaos started when ESPN's Chris Haynes reported Hayward would sign. 

That was quickly backed up by multiple reports. 

But then came the reports that Hayward actually hadn't made a decision. Thus began the chaos. 

However, Haynes has not yet retracted his report and is standing by it. There's even a report that it's just a formality.

Another plausible option in all of this is that Hayward's decision was leaked before he had a chance to notify the Jazz or make the announcement himself. As a result, Hayward is backtracking to save some face with Utah. There's even report that a sign-and-trade is holding things up, although that seems unlikely. 

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So when will the decision announcement happen? The original plan was to announce today, but now it might not happen. 

In the interim, Twitter has run wild with theories. There's the "Pat Riley leaked this" theory, the "Hayward can't make up his mind" theory or that Hayward is upset the Celtics leaked his decision

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What was supposed to be a simple decision between the Heat, Jazz and Celtics has become anything but. At some point Hayward will make his decision, but his free agency has become a confusing circus. 

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