Here Are The Top 4 Destinations For LeBron James In 2018 NBA Free Agency

With LeBron James hitting the free agency market this offseason, there has been a lot of rumors revolving around what team will land the King in 2018.The Philadelphia 76ers and Los Angeles Lakers have been vocal about their want to sign LeBron, but could Chris Paul and the Houston Rockets be a dark horse candidate to get James? Or will he stay with the Cleveland Cavaliers

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The Cavs can offer him the supermax and give him a 5-year, $210 million contract. The Lakers have enough cap space for two max slots and could attempt to sign both LeBron James and another big star such as Paul George or DeMarcus Cousins. The 76ers have a more inside track at LeBron as he and their star rookie, Ben Simmons, share the same agent. The Rockets would have a very difficult time making it work from a money point of view, however, the relationship between Paul and James makes the Rockets an interesting and enticing option for LeBron James

Hosts Harris Rubenstein and Tom Downey run you through all the teams LeBron is reportedly considering in free agency.

A complete list of all the teams discussed is below:
1. Cleveland Cavaliers
2. Los Angeles Lakers
3. Philadelphia 76ers
4. Houston Rockets

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