Here Are The 7 Teams Most Likely To Sign Andre Iguodala Away From The Warriors

The Golden State Warriors will keep their big four this offseason, but they might lose forward Andre Iguodala. The list of suitors for Iguodala is a long one, as several teams will try to pry away the talented sixth man. The Warriors could keep Iguodala if Kevin Durant takes a pay cut, but Durant wants a true max deal, Iguodala could go elsewhere. So if Iguodala leaves the Warriors, which teams could sign him?

ESPN reports seven teams will attempt to land Iguodala this offseason and it was previously reported that Iguodala is seriously considering leaving the Warriors. Golden State is still the favorite to land Iguodala, if they don't have to sacrifice their bird rights to keep Durant, but these are the seven teams ESPN reports want to sign Iguodala.  

Brooklyn Nets
The Nets have plenty of cap space and they've been linked to quite a few players in recent years. Iggy joining Brooklyn would be a purely money move on his part, since the Nets aren't going to be good in the near future. He'd be a good veteran presence for a young Nets squad, but this is a long shot. 

Los Angeles Clippers
Speaking of long shots, if the Warriors might not be able to afford Iguodala, how on earth are the Clippers? Unless the Clippers can find a way to dump a significant amount of cap space, they can't afford Iguodala, Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. And if the Clippers lose one or both, why would Iguodala want to join the Clippers?

Minnesota Timberwolves
The Timberwolves already traded for Jimmy Butler and adding Iguodala could give them another much-needed defensive boost and a veteran leader. Adding Igudoala would greatly help Minnesota's playoff push. 

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Orlando Magic
The Magic fall into a similar category as the Nets, although perhaps they aren't as bad overall. Iggy would be a great veteran leader for the Magic and a perfect mentor for Jonathan Isaac. But unless the Magic throw a max deal at Iguodala, why would he want to head to Orlando?


Philadelphia 76ers
Iggy could go back to where his career started? The 76ers are armed with a great deal of cap space this summer, and they appear to have their sights set on Iguodala. The Sixers have a very young core, but adding Iguodala would provided the team with a needed veteran presence. If Iguodala elects to take the money over winning another ring, the 76ers make sense. 

San Antonio Spurs
ESPN reports the Spurs wouldn't just try to land Igudoala, they'd try to package him with Chris Paul. That's a tricky task for San Antonio, who would likely need to move LaMarcus Aldridge, Danny Green and others. More so than the other teams on this list, Iguodala would still be able to compete for a title. 

Utah Jazz
The Jazz's interest in Iguodala is dependent on the decision of their current starting small forward, Gordon Hayward. If he leaves for Boston or another team, Utah would chase Iguodala as a replacement. If Hayward stays, the Jazz wouldn't make any attempts to land Iguodala.

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