2018 NBA Draft Lottery: Current Order And Projected Picks

The NBA season is nearly over and for many of the lottery teams in the NBA, they’ve already been eliminated. The season now comes down to tanking for several NBA teams as they hope to improve their NBA Draft lottery odds.

With the draft lottery coming up, NBA Weekly hosts Tom Downey and Harris Rubenstein take you through each bottom 10 NBA team’s current draft lottery odds and break down some potential NBA Draft picks.

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The complete current NBA Draft lottery for the bottom 10 NBA teams is detailed below:

#1 Phoenix Suns
#2 Atlanta Hawks
#3 Memphis Grizzlies
#4 Orlando Magic
#5 Dallas Mavericks
#6 Sacramento Kings
#7 Cleveland Cavaliers (via Nets)
#8 Chicago Bulls
#9 New York Knicks
#10 Philadelphia 76ers (via Lakers)

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