Vikings "Vindicated" For Trading Percy Harvin To The Seahawks

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The Minnesota Vikings and general manager Rick Spielman received their fair share of criticism when they offloaded WR Percy Harvin to the Seattle Seahawks for three draft picks.

Despite Harvin's star performance in the Seahawks' Super Bowl win last February, it became abundantly clear that something wasn't right when Seattle dumped Harvin to the Jets on Friday for what could be just a mid-round pick in 2015.

Here's ESPN NFL Nation's Ben Goessling with his thoughts on how the Vikings have been "vindicated" by Friday's shocking trade:

Eight months later, with Harvin on the way to the New York Jets for the paltry sum of a mid-round draft pick, the reasons the Vikings wanted to part with him again seem as obvious as the reasons the Seahawks wanted him in the first place. Harvin leaves Seattle with a fresh set of reports swirling in his wake about how the receiver was a bad fit for Seattle's culture, to the point where the team's front office wanted him off the roster. Now, he goes to a 1-6 team that will owe him no guaranteed money after this season, and especially if the Jets have a new power structure in place next year, Harvin could again be looking for a team to gamble on his immense talent. 

Also, Goessling points out that the Vikings used those three draft picks from the Seahawks to take CB Xavier Rhodes (who has been impressive), OL Travis Bond (who was released last season), and RB Jerick McKinnon (who has a very high ceiling from an offensive weapon standpoint).

Not a bad haul altogether for a wide receiver that is burning bridges more often than he is currently catching touchdown passes.

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