Vikings Rumors: Would Vikings be interested in troubled LB Aldon Smith?

In Vikings rumors today, the Minnesota Vikings and new head coach Mike Zimmer could be looking at troubled San Francisco 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith if he is released from the 49ers as many are expecting.

Per Vikings writer Ben Gosseling, the Minnesota Vikings could present an interesting fit for Smith -- if the Vikings are willing to take the chance -- "Let's wait and see on that. The 49ers might not cut Aldon Smith, and whomever he plays for next season, he could wind up facing a suspension after his legal troubles of the last few weeks."

"If the Vikings did sign him, I'd think they'd keep him at linebacker (see what Zimmer did with former 3-4 linebacker James Harrison in Cincinnati). The new coach talks frequently about how he's drawn to players who have something to prove or are on their last shot."

Gosseling also adds that Aldon Smith's issues may be too "deep and complex" to even think about football right now. However, if he is released by the 49ers, don't be surprised if the Vikings at least do some research on the pros and cons of potentially signing him.

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