Vikings News: "Time Served" A Sticking Point In Adrian Peterson's Case For Reinstatement

With the NFL likely looking to suspend Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson under the league's personal conduct penalty, and the NFLPA pushing for the embattled halfback to be reinstated from the Commissioner-Exempt list, a major sticking point has emerged.

Will Peterson's time missed while legal case was pending count towards any potential suspension or will it not?

Here's Mike Florio of NBC's Pro Football Talk with his analysis of the matter:

Peterson hasn’t played in eight games since the execution of the agreement that placed him on the Commissioner-Exempt list, nine when including the game for which he was deactivated two days after his indictment in Texas.  Peterson and the NFLPA surely would argue that the time missed should count when determining his ultimate punishment.

The league, in contrast, may seize on the language from the September 18 agreement suggesting that placement on the Commissioner-Exempt list does not constitute punishment under the personal conduct policy:  “No discipline will be processed or imposed against the player, by the Club or the League, until after the pending criminal charges are adjudicated.”

The NFLPA will likely argue that the NFL hasn't lived up to that last part of the bargain, otherwise Peterson would have reinstated and back in uniform twelve days ago.

Regardless, the NFL appears to want Peterson out of the lineup no matter what. If they get their wish, don't be surprised if players are unwilling to agree to placement on the Commissioner-Exempt list from here on out.

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