Minnesota Vikings Adrian Peterson: More bad luck; this time bad seafood too!

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson has had a string of bad luck lately, as an allergic reaction to seafood had him hospitalized Monday afternoon.

Coach Leslie Frazier said that Peterson had apparently eaten some seafood, and that it had given the running back shortness of breath and caused his face to swell, two common symptoms of anaphylaxis, a severe allergic reaction. He was taken to the hospital by ambulance.

Apparently Peterson has had allergic reactions before, but they had never been this severe, according to Frazier.

However, Peterson returned to the University of Minnesota campus shortly afterwards. Frazier described the incident as "a little bit of a scare," but assured that Peterson is "fine now." He also said he expects Peterson to continue the rehabilitation of his left knee this morning.

From one food allergy sufferer to another, AP, you may want to skip the surf and stick with the turf from now on!

Luckily, he was back at practice today after the scare. He was out on the field with his teammates looking no worse off than before, then headed inside to continue his rehab work for his knee, which was surgically repaired back in December.

Although he still resides on the physically unable-to-perform list, Peterson has maintained that he is ready to play. He knows that the Vikings are being cautious with him, though, and that he is unlikely to play in the September 9th opening against the Jacksonville Jaguars. "Ultimately, I know these guys are going to do what's best for this team." Peterson said.

Peterson is also facing an August 6th court hearing for his arrest in Houston, in which he was charged with resisting arrest after an apparent scuffle with undercover police officers at a nightclub. He has maintained his innocence throughout the ordeal, saying, "I know in due time things will get handled and justice will be served. It was an unfortunate situation, but I feel like everything will work itself out."

Through it all, Peterson has kept a positive attitude and continues to look toward the future with his chin up. Hopefully no more bad luck will head his way!

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