Lakers Rumors: Team Wants Both LeBron And Paul George, LiAngelo Ball Wants To Be A Laker

There are plenty of Los Angeles Lakers rumors to break down with the offseason coming up fast. We break down the report that the Lakers still plan to target LeBron James and Paul George, despite Kawhi being available in 2019. The Lakers have two max slots to work with and could pick up both All-Stars.

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We break down some rumblings about the Lakers forcing the Cavs to take Jordan Clarkson with Larry Nance as well as the possibility of Lonzo’s younger brother, LiAngelo Ball, joining the Lakers via the draft. Finally, we give you an update on Isaiah Thomas and his recovery from hip surgery.

Here is the list of Lakers rumors from this past week:
- Lakers still want LeBron and PG?
- Lakers and Melo have interest?
- Isaiah Thomas is pain free?
- Cavs had to take Clarkson?
- Abudushalamu Abudurexiti coming over?
- LiAngelo Ball coming to the Lakers?

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