Lakers Rumors: LeBron Is The GOAT, Kobe Having Another Kid, Ingram Getting Comfortable

The Los Angeles Lakers are currently holding onto the 7th seed in the Western Conference as they have dropped now six of 10 with LeBron James' groin injury holding him out of action. While James has been missing games, we continue to hear soundbites left-and-right from him. The latest installment of "who's GOAT" churned up this week thanks to James' quote saying it's him.

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Of course, there's much more going on in Tinseltown, and we go through all of the latest Lakers rumors in the video above and below.

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Our full list of Lakers rumors is below:
- LeBron starting to practice?
- LeBron is the GOAT?
- Rondo wants to be a coach?
- Kobe having another kid?
- Lonzo the key to success?
- Ingram getting comfortable??

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