Lakers Coaching Rumors: Top Candidates As Of May 15th


Lakers coaching rumors are staying pretty quiet, as the rest of the league reels from Steve Kerr's spurning of the Knicks to coach the Golden State Warriors. While Kerr's hire crosses him off the list at Staples Center (a list which may not have fully included him in the first place), there are still plenty of options to discuss as we present to you the Top 5 Lakers Coaching Candidates as of May 15th:


5. George Karl

Karl has expressed interest in the Cleveland Cavs coaching job, and has also stated that he firmly expects the Lakers to come calling when they begin the interview process over the next few weeks. George Karl is always going to be a top candidate on any list that includes him, but Karl's disposition and past experience may serve to direct him away from the bright lights of Hollywood. Karl has never truly coached in a capital-B "Big" market, and he may not want to start now in the twilight of his coaching career.


4. Kevin Ollie

Ollie hasn't received a call from the Lakers yet either, but may serve to be a more viable option that George Karl when all is said and done in Los Angeles. Ollie has said all the right things about his loyalty to the UConn Huskies program, but don't be surprised if he is posing in order to raise both his stock and the value he can procure from a deal with a team like the Lakers. Signing Ollie would be a major coup for Jim Buss -- and, with all due respect to UConn, would be a major professional step-up for Kevin Ollie as well.


3. Jeff Van Gundy

Jeff Van Gundy was named as one of the Lakers' initial targets after the firing of Mike D'Antoni, and it's hard to believe that the Lakers would pass up the chance to at least talk to Van Gundy. Van Gundy has been surprisingly mums throughout this whole process, declining to give any insight into which teams may be knocking at his door. However, the Lakers are undoubtedly going to be one of them -- especially with Van Gundy's past success under the pressure of the New York media and notoriously-meddling Knicks owner James Dolan.


2. Derek Fisher

What do we really know about Derek Fisher as a legitimate coaching candidate? How much of the talk surrounding the Oklahoma City Thunder guard is bluster, and how much of it can we really trust? There aren't a lot of concrete answers to these questions yet -- especially with Fisher still plugging away as an active player in the NBA Playoffs. However, the Lakers are waiting patiently...and it may very well be for Derek Fisher.


1. Byron Scott

With all of the flashy names being connected to the Lakers' head coaching job, a name like Byron Scott may lose a little sizzle -- at least in the national media. In Lakerland, many believe that Scott has been the rightful heir for years now to the throne vacated by Phil Jackson. Scott is the complete package of experience, fire, intelligence, and Laker ties -- it would be a shocker if he's not running near or at the front of the pack when all is said and done.



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