KC Chiefs Rumors: Chiefs Fan Punched By Police During Dallas Cowboys Game

A controversial YouTube video was posted which shows three police officers punching a Chiefs fan to the ground. The reason? The fan allegedly threw beers at fans waiting nearby him last Sunday.

The video clip shows the action, with someone shouting the words “stop resisting” along with stadium workers trying to disperse the crowd. After 30 seconds or so into the video, the guy tries to bite one of the policemen, which led to the officer punching him in the face. The Kansas City Police Department refused to comment when asked about the punch.

As per the arrest report, the fan, named as Trenton J. Karlin, became aggressive with the officers when he was guided into the concourse. He then started shouting foul words before he tried to reach out for one of the policemen’s belts.

Watch the video clip for yourself here:


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