KC Chiefs: Local companies attempting to solve Arrowhead Stadium parking problems

With all the good news surrounding the KC Chiefs in 2013, it can be easy to forget how much of a mess it can be to get to and from Arrowhead Stadium on game day.

However, according to Bobby Burch of the Kansas City Business Journal, KC Chiefs vice president of stadium operations David Young is doing his very best to come up with a solution--asking "area companies to pitch their ideas to improve traffic and parking flow."

Speaking with Burch, the KC Chiefs executive was clearly impressed with the response: "It was really surprising — parking and traffic — it just seems like such an unsexy thing," Young stated. "To go into that pitch and for so many people to be so interested in it was really cool for us. ... There had to be a few hundred people. The energy was exciting."

At the current moment, the KC Chiefs have roughly 20 applications they are sifting through, ranging from "local two-man bands to large data analytics companies and engineering firms."

David Young, along with the rest of KC Chiefs stadium management, appear to be benefiting from the influx of unique perspectives--

"Getting a different perspective on it has been great for us...I love the entrepreneurial spirit. These guys are very persistent and it's been great to engage with them."

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