KC Chiefs: Chiefs to draft Teddy Bridgewater if he falls to #23?

In the world of the KC Chiefs today, one noted Kansas City Chiefs analyst believes that the team could very well draft a quarterback at #23, if the right one falls from where NFL Draft analysts currently project him to go.

So says Terez Paylor of the Kansas City Star and ESPN.com: "I don’t believe Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel will fall to the Chiefs, who have the 23rd overall pick, but Louisville’s Teddy Bridgewater might. The Chiefs would have to be seriously tempted by Manziel. While he’s certainly a risky pick, he has uncommon ability, so the Chiefs might have difficulty passing him up."

While this pick would likely have no impact on the starting quarterback situation for the KC Chiefs at the current moment, it would give the Chiefs a talented backup quarterback who could use the cool-headed Alex Smith as a mentor.

Paylor warns that Bridgewater's potential "isn't as great" as that of Johnny Manziel, and that this would still be a risk for the KC Chiefs at #23 if they decide to pull the trigger.

However, the KC Chiefs will probably be hard-pressed to pass on Bridgewater if they can get him as low as #23.

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