Chiefs News: Travis Kelce Claims He Wasn't At "Full Strength" In 2014

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce emerged as one of quarterback Alex Smith's go-to targets in 2014, amassing 67 catches for 862 yards.

However, in an interview with a Cleveland-area radio station (via SBNation), Kelce assured fans that they haven't seen anything yet out of him:

"Everybody last year thought I wasn't getting the reps I was supposed to at the beginning of the year but in reality I only had about a month before training camp where I was allowed to start running ... If I went out there playing more snaps than I did, I mean who knows. I might not have been able to make it. My knee still wasn't full strength last year which is why I'm excited about this year. Now I get the time to take a full offseason and get my legs ready and get my upper body and my explosiveness back that I know I really had. I didn't really feel that comfortable out there on the field but we made it work."

If the Kelce that showed up in 2014 wasn't exactly at "full strength," just imagine what he'll be able to do fully mended in 2015.

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