5 Reasons That Duke Basketball Will Always Be Better Than UNC

The Duke Blue Devils are one of the most storied programs in college basketball, and their bitter rivalry with the North Carolina Tar Heels is one of best in all of sports. However, here are four reasons why Duke will always be better than UNC:

5) Cameron Indoor Stadium

Cameron is a special, special place that is a landmark of the sport, while the Dean Dome is, well, one big pile of concrete.

4) Krzyzewskiville

You won't see Carolina students camping out all winter for tickets to see their team play!

3) Greatest coach of all-time

1,018 wins. 13 ACC Tournament championships. 12 Final Fours. 5 national championships. Need we say more?

2) Cameron Crazies

Duke fans are the loudest in the country and are on their feet for the entire game, making for a much more exciting, entertaining, and intimidating atmosphere than Carolina's wine-and-cheese crowd.

1) Duke players actually take classes!!

Duke players are actually student-athletes - leave it to Carolina to forget about the student part. Good luck with your NCAA punishment, UNC!

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