White Sox News: White Sox Home Games To Have "NBA Feel" In 2015

The Chicago White Sox are employing former New Orleans Pelicans director of event presentation Cris Quintana to bring what he terms as an "NBA feel" to the team's 81 home games at US Cellular Field in 2015.

"One of the things that I've been tasked to do with the White Sox is to kind of bring that NBA feel to our games and to our events," the 34-year-old "CQ" said recently, via Danny Ecker of ChicagoBusiness.com.

"The NBA is really well known for the big spectacle of events they do, such as All-Star weekend and the NBA Finals," he added. "I'm really just trying to use my experience that I gained there and trying to take things to the next level here."

Quintana's version of the "next level" is going to take some major detail work to pull off over the course of a full MLB season.

Per Ecker, Quintana "specializes in coordinating everything fans see and hear at stadiums outside of the game action itself. Like the director of a massive stage production, he's on a headset with dozens of team employees pulling the strings for everything from promotional announcements to what music plays during game breaks. It's largely scripted, but with room to ad-lib, something he plans to experiment with to see what sticks."

We'll see what the finished product turns out looking like when the White Sox open their home slate April 10th against the Minnesota Twins.

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