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Upon return, Sox figure to look a lot different

Daily Herald 5 hours

Tigers add Soria to bullpen

Chicago Tribune 3 hours

Frank Thomas and White Sox throw bitterness aside

Chicago Tribune 5 hours

Alexei Ramirez recalls Mark Buehrle perfect game

Chicago Tribune 5 hours

Series preview: White Sox at Twins

Chicago Tribune 5 hours

Indians-Royals Preview (The Associated Press)

Yahoo! Sports 6 hours

Maddux, Thomas already represented in Cooperstown

CSN Chicago 6 hours

Photos: Royals 2, White Sox 1

Chicago Tribune 6 hours

Konerko says Thomas was always ‘dialed in'

Daily Herald 6 hours

Cubs Game Day: More help from Iowa

Chicago Tribune 7 hours

Royals 2, White Sox 1: Series ends with a thud

South Side Sox 7 hours

White Sox's goal: A bullpen like KC's 8 hours

After pitching duel, catching error stings Sox

Official Site of the White Sox 9 hours

White Sox lose 2-1 as Royals score in 9th

Chicago Sun-Times 9 hours


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