5 ACC Football Teams With The Highest Attendance In 2015

College football attendance is down overall, but the top schools in the country are still drawing tons of fans each week. With that in mind, here are the 5 ACC Teams With The Highest Attendance In 2015:

5) Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets - 50,707 - #41 nationally

Georgia Tech was one of the few schools in the country that saw an increase in attendance this year, with numbers up five percent from last season.

4) NC State Wolfpack - 56,988 - #33 nationally

The Wolfpack also saw their attendance jump five percent this season.

3) Virginia Tech Hokies - 60,824 - #28 nationally

Virginia Tech's attendance numbers dropped one percent this year despite a season-opening home game against Ohio State and head coach Frank Beamer's last game.

2) Florida State Seminoles - 73,219 - #20 nationally

FSU had one of the biggest drops of any school in country at 11 percent.

1) Clemson Tigers - 81,751 - #14 nationally

Clemson is up two percent from last season thanks to sporting the No. 1 team in the country and big home games against Notre Dame and Florida State.

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