Wisconsin Football Coaching Rumors: Oregon State's Mike Riley Will Interview For the Job

Updated 12/14/12 10:00am ET

BREAKING NEWS: It is reported that Oregon State's head football coach Mike Riley will interview for the Wisconsin Badgers coaching position.

"The long-time Beavers coach is set to interview with Wisconsin this week," sources told Jeremy Fowler of CBSSports.com.

Riley has been the the Oregon State Beavers for 12 seasons now, so the fact that his name has come up is considered quite the surprise to some.

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It is not clear if Riley is truly interested in the position or if he is politely interviewing for the position because Alvarez greatly respects him.

At Oregon State Riley has lead the Badgers to a 81-66 campaign over his 12 years and has yet to take the Badgers to a BCS Bowl Game.

While Riley is a highly respected coach it does not seem likely that the Badgers will take a guy who has not shown that he can take a team over the hump and win more than nine or ten games a season.

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