Which Breaking Bad characters represent WVU players?

With the Breaking Bad series finale today, it is time to look at which WVU players are represented by characters on the show.  While they may not necessarily look alike, they may share some of the same traits with one another.  So without further ado let’s get started.

Paul Millard: Pre-Heisenberg Walt-

Before he begins his criminal career, Walt is a little bit awkward and seems to be out of touch with the world.  While he does have his book smarts to begin with, he has no street smarts whatsoever and he is taken advantage of even after he enters the drug trade.  Millard is not a criminal, but he does share a few things with Walt.  Much like Walt he doesn’t seem to know what is going on around him at times.  Millard has committed countless delay of game penalties and has fallen out of favor with head coach Dana Holgorsen.  While Walt turns his life around and becomes the anti-hero many people wish they could be, one asks: Will the same happen for Millard?

Dana Holgorsen: Saul Goodman-

Saul serves as Walt's lawyer and advisor during his descent into the criminal underworld.  He also has probably the weirdest hairdo consisting of a comb over and a mullet.  While Holgorsen lacks hair up front, he still has some mullet going on in the back.  Another trait these two share is their questionable ethics.  Saul does whatever he can to get his client out of trouble and Holgorsen seems to do whatever is necessary to grab football recruits.  Even though it has yet to be determined if he had any involvement in what went on at Oklahoma State, if something does come of it then Holgorsen may need to call Saul.

Charles Sims: Mike Ehrmantraut-

Mike worked as a fixer and cleaner for Saul and Gustavo Fring (more on Fring below).  He usually came in to handle certain situations and get his fellow colleagues out of trouble.  Sims does the same thing for the Mountaineers offense.  Whenever they are in a tough spot he can get them out of it, whether it is on the ground of through the air.  Also like Mike, Sims is very smart and able as evidenced by his knack of finding open holes to burst through or getting open in the passing game.  These two  think fast on their feet.  Mike can get himself or anyone else out of any situation and Sims is able to see what the opposing defense is giving them and pick the route to take to pick up first downs.

Ivan McCartney: Jesse Pinkman-

Jesse started out as the street smart partner of Walter, but what he had in street smarts he lacked in book smarts.  He continued to make idiotic mistakes that always lead Walter to question why he even bothered to work with him.  However, as the series went on Jesse began to catch on more and was soon able to cook and make decisions by himself without any instruction from Walter.  McCartney started out much like Jesse, especially last year when his production dropped dramatically from the year before.  Now he has turned over a new leaf and is third on the stat sheet for receiving yards.  While Jesse’s days could be numbered on Breaking Bad, McCartney still has a ways to go before the end of the season and if he can keep up his consistency he could be one of the top receivers on the team.

Ronald Carswell: Gustavo (Gus) Fring-

Gus is a kingpin who hangs out in the open, but he doesn't flaunt his wealth and keeps a low profile by running a chain of chicken restaurants.  Carswell is exactly the same way, except for the kingpin part.  He leads all Mountaineer receivers with 196 yards, but the thing is no one ever talks about him.  Fans always talk about Daikiel Shorts, McCartney, Kevin White and KJ Myers, but rarely if ever mention Carswell.  If he can be like Gus and keep a low profile then he could fly under opposing defense’s radars and create havoc when he is left wide open.

Ford Childress: Hank Schrader-

Hank is Walt's brother-in-law and a DEA agent.  However, he is also very cocky and arrogant, much like Childress according to some fans.  Hank did a complete 360 after being shot and he became a lot more humble and understanding until he found out the man he’s been chasing for so long turned out to be family.  Childress seemed to go through the same changes, but only in a matter of a week.  He was probably feeling really good after that outing against Georgia State.  However, Maryland knocked him back down to Earth and now he won’t even be starting on Saturday due to injury.  So like Hank, he may not make it to the end of the season.

Nick O'Toole: DEA agent with moustache-

This DEA agent has no name and has barely any lines at all.  He hung out in the background in earlier seasons, but jumped to the forefront after there was a close up of him and his awesome moustache.  O’Toole is pretty much the same way, he doesn’t have much to say and hangs out in the background and only comes in when he is needed.  While both of them don’t say much they are still entertaining to watch.  It is really the moustaches that set them apart with O’Toole having one of the coolest in football and the DEA agent having the coolest in TV.

While there are still many possibilities out there for which players resemble which characters from the show.  The ones mentioned above are the ones who stand out the most.  One main difference between the entire team and the show itself is the fact that the Mountaineers are disappointing this season while Breaking Bad had one of its best seasons and has been called the best TV show ever.  The series finale airs on AMC at 9 PM EST.   

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