West Virginia soccer leading goal scorer Andy Bevin's return in question?

It appears as though the return of West Virginia's leading goal scorer from last season, striker Andy Bevin, may be in question.

In an article by Oliver Murray of Sydney Australia's Inner West Courier, the possibility of Bevin forgoing his return to WVU to play full-time was raised.

The article is centered around Bevin's performance in the New South Wales Premier League and his hopes to make the New Zealand national squad final roster for this summer's Olympic Games in London.

“(It) would be a dream come true but I need to see how my season goes here and decide whether to play and study (at WVU) or play full-time,” Bevin told nswpl.com.au.

When I asked West Virginia head coach Marlon LeBlanc if he expects Bevin to return, he simply said, "Yes."

While nothing is certain at this point, if Bevin did not return, it would be a huge setback for WVU's offensive attack, which struggled this spring in his absence.

The Mountaineers, without Bevin and a few other key players, failed to find the net over their first four spring matches.

Expectations are high for the upcoming season and the loss of Bevin would be a big hit.

At this time, Bevin is still expected to return for next season, so stay tuned for his status as the fall approaches.

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