WVU Football: Geno Smith Compares His Offense to Steve Nash's

In an interview on Tuesday, Geno Smith was asked about the tempo of his offense, and how they keep that high octane offense in control.

“Our offense is like Steve Nash and the old Phoenix Suns, when they would run the fast-break, and then set up the pick and roll,” said Smith.

Steve Nash is known for his control of the game and the ball itself. Nash’s Suns teams not only had the most possessions in the league, but they were consistently ranked one of the lowest teams in the league for fewest turnovers.

The West Virginia University offense is definitely a run and gun style offense. They hardly ever huddle before a play and snap the ball before the opponent’s defense can get set.

The concept pick-and-roll in the NBA is similar to the down field blocking WVU’s receivers and running backs are capable of doing.

WVU’s offense is so terrifyingly good that it is expected that every time they have the ball, they will score. Against Marshall University they scored on nine out of thirteen drives; and against James Madison University they scored a touchdown on their first four drives.  This offense can’t be slowed down and defenses know this.

Brian Stewart, Defensive Coordinator for Maryland, was asked about how to stop Smith.

“I don’t think you worry about it slowing him down,” Stewart said. “Just eliminate the big plays, keep the ball in front of you, tackle the catch, put pressure on him.”

Apparently Coach Stewart has not seen how well Smith moves in the pocket or that our receiving corps is known for their yards after the catch. Smith’s ability to get the ball out quickly to the dynamic duo: Stedman Bailey and Tavon Austin will help Smith in defending himself against the blitz that the Maryland defense is hoping to run.

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